SEASON OF V 재고 판매 안내


생일 서포토 굿즈 재고 판매 안내입니다.
자세한 내용은 첨부된 이미지를 확인해 주세요.



Thank you everyone for supporting the Season of V project,

we are now hosting a stock sale,

so if you didn’t purchase goods the first time and want to, now is your chance~


All orders will come inside a Season of V dustbag with postcard set (5), photocard set (10), and sticker set (3+1 special) gifts.


2016 calendar Season of V - 15,000 KRW
brochure +poster (2 A3 double sided posters) - 20,000 KRW
eco bag - 15,000 KRW


*special gift for those who buy the complete set while supplies last!*






* 입금 기간 *

2/22 ~ 3/5


* 입금 계좌 *

KOREA : 우리은행 1002 852 167292 ㅂㅅㅇ


* 입금 방법 *

① 구매하실 굿즈의 가격만큰 입금해 주세요.

- 배송비 3000원을 꼭 같이 입금해 주세요.

(한 세트당 3000원)

입금 후, 양식에 맞게 아래의 폼을 작성해 주세요.

(한국어 또는 영어로 작성 바랍니다.)



* deposit time period *
2/22 ~ 3/10




* how to deposit*

① please calculate the total cost of the goods you want INCLUDING EMS FEES

(noted below, with details on location)

② after you have deposited payment please fill out the form below thank you~



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